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Best money I've ever spent

For months and months I read reviews and watched videos on the smooth skin gold. One day I had enough and finally decided to treat myself and buy it. To this day it is still the best money I have EVER spent. Within about 6 weeks I could notice a small difference. Give it another 6 weeks and results are more noticeable. A year on and I am unbelievably happy with the results I have achieved with this product. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone!!!!!!

Chloe - 24


The SmoothSkin treatment system continues to impress me with how great the results are, and how quick and easy it is to use

Rebecca - 34


Very effective and pain free

Heidi - 36


An effective painless hair removal method that has made a difference

Melissa - 40


Yes hair removal has been almost complete. The treatment is quick and painless. No side effects.

Kim - 34


It's been brilliant. I definitely would use this. I didn't really have any expectations of this product..

Holly - 35


Really good product with noticeable results. Much less hair on the treated area

Kylie - 41


I think the rate of hair growth has reduced significantly.

Marissa - 39

Fingers crossed

I had to return my machine after only 10 weeks of using it as it keep freezing while using it and had to actually turn it off at the mains to restart it, I took it back to shop and they replaced it. I love the machine and can see the hair is coming back less and less, I am hoping that this issue was only with that one machine and not a common issue with them as doing monthly sessions now so chances are warranty will run out before this one plays up. Fingers crossed.

Karen - na

Excellent results!

After using SmoothSkin Gold for 12 weeks I am completely satisfied with the excellent results I have achieved! I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who wants beautiful, hairless smooth skin!

Heather Smith - 53

Hair Today.. Gone tomorrow!

For about 8 years I have been actively and self consciously trying to rid myself of unwanted body hair! Even avoided swimming for years due to my unsightly shaving rash and in growns! The only thing I am unhappy about is not using SmoothSKin Gold sooner! This has changed my life in terms of my self esteem and the way I feel about my body! No more embarrassment! And the great thing is I am now focusing on other parts of my body like under arms, legs and under arms and after a few weeks of use I can already tell the amount of hair regrowth has drastically reduced. Well worth the money spent! What do you have to lose except the hair?! Would highly recommend SmoothSkin Gold it has changed my life!

Tamzin Boardman - 25

Smoothskin Gold really is gold!

I was definitely a sceptic but had to do something about the constant irritation I suffered from all forms of hair removal. To my absolutely thrilling surprise the Smoothskin gave me marvellous results that I had never expected. It has been 12 weeks now and I have only a few odd hairs regrowing on my lower legs and a few around the bikini area. I now only shave when I do a treatment as that is all is needed. I will continue to do treatments weekly until the last few stray hairs are gone. Could not have been more impressed with the results. So truly happy I took the plunge into making this purchase which I guess was further encouraged by the money back guarantee. I definitely don't want my money back! Thrilled to be hair free!!

Dannelle - n/a


I have far too much of my time over the years tending to hair removal - waxing, depilatory creams, shaving! All would leave me having to repeat very quickly, dealing with ingrowns and never happy with the outcome! Finally took the chance with Smoothskin Gold and I cannot believe the results! 5 weeks in I was so happy with the results. By 12 weeks I was ecstatic! Finally a device that deliver on what its says it can that I can keep on using in the privacy of my own home! I have treated every spot I have - legs, arms, bikini, snail trail, chin, underarms! Give it a try, you wont be sorry!

Sam - 29

It works!!!

I've reached the 12 week mark and I can happily report that the smooth skin gold device has delivered everything it says it does. Amazing!! I have spent years de-fuzzing using various products from razors to wax strips, depilatory creams and back to razors. Being dark haired and fair skined put me as the ideal candidate for IPL and so I took the plunge and purchased the smoothskin gold and am so glad I did. I used the device on my upper lip, under arms, legs and bikini line. I still have a few sprouting patches On my lower legs so will continue my weekly regime until all the hairs are gone. I went from shaving my legs and underarms nearly every day to once a week in the space of 6weeks . Laser treatment years ago on my upper lip did not work and I found it highly embarrassing. All gone now! I love that you can use this device in the privacy of your own home. I can't wait for summer. Life is going to be so much easier without worrying when I'm going to have to de-fuzz. Highly recommend this produ

Jenny Smith - 38

5 weeks & already fantastic results

I was a sceptic when I bought this, but after 5 treatments I am so thrilled I had to write this review and spread the word! This has exceeded my expectations. I was desperate due to my fast growing hair and long-term issues with painful and unsightly ingrown hairs on my legs and bikini area. I have fair skin and brown hair (north Italian heritage). This device seriously works. At first I didn't see much of a change, but after my 5th treatment on Wednesday, it suddenly kicked in! It's now Sunday (4 days later) and my legs and thighs are basically as smooth as 4 days ago! This is amazing for someone like me, as my hair usually is quite long by this point! My knees and full bikini area (I'm going for a Hollywood look) aren't showing as much effect at the moment but I'm confident I will get a very decent result if I keep going. And my ingrown hair issue is gone! Worth every penny - it's pricey but you get what you pay for. I'm only 27 and I rarely used to go swimming, wear skirts or shorts because I was sensitive - it's hard in the Australian summer! I wish I had this years ago. I say, please don't hesitate to give it a try.

Lilly - 27

Really works

Only been useing smooth skin for 3 weeks and already really happy with the results It really does work

Jess - 25

It really does work!

I have to say that I had doubts about smooth skin, I doubted that something could really reduce the hair growth that I had, especially on thicker areas. Also I had seen mixed reviews about home systems too, but it has worked great. It's easy to use - I do it while watching TV, and on my 12th week almost all of my leg and underarm hair is gone!! It literally just first grow! I used to spend hours waxing it every fortnight! Just a few more treatments and I reckon I'll be completely hair free. For a girl that is a godsend! Love it and will recommend :)

Kelly - 28

So quick

I can't believe how easy it is to use. Not painful at all. I'm on week 4 of underarms and bikini line and already have some very attractive hairless patches....! Looking forward to week 12 and the freedom beyond!!

Danielle - 24

Changed My Life!

Cannot believe in didn't come across this product sooner! Why isn't there more advertising and publicity because this product is simply amazing. Have been using it for 3 weeks now and already I can't see any hairs on my arms and the best thing is it really does what the products name suggests and that is gives you smooth skin! My skin feels amazing. Have also been using it on my legs and they're as smooth as my arms cannot recommend this product enough! Thankyou IPulse! I have so much more confidence now and can't wait to try it on other areas. Price may be a little high but worth every single penny!

Sugar - 25


I am now on my 11th week of treatment and am totally amazed how this product has worked. YES!!! It does actually work - best product ever fro hair removal.

Maz - 41

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