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SmoothSkin Muse Features

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Welcome SmoothSkin Muse

Welcome the latest product to the SmoothSkin family, the award-winning SmoothSkin Muse. Smart and powerful, just like you, SmoothSkin Muse delivers an IPL treatment tailored to you so you can have silky smooth skin that lasts so long you’ll never worry again about stubbly legs or prickly underarms!

Suitable for Body and Face

SmoothSkin Muse is both safe and effective to use.

With an energy output of up to 6J/cm2, SmoothSkin Muse packs a punch. And with one button to operate the device there’s no complicated settings to choose form. Just plug it in and you’re good to go.




For a Personalised IPL Experience

SmoothSkin Muse uses the latest in IPL technology to scan your skin before each flash and tailor the energy output accordingly – making sure you receive treatment that’s both perfectly safe but also as effective as possible to keep your skin hair free for longer.


Unlimited Flashes

Most devices on the market have a limited number of flashes available, after which you need to buy a new devices or a new lamp – not with SmoothSkin Muse.

Thanks to its latest technology, SmoothSkin Muse offers unlimited flashes, so you don’t have to worry about running out. And there’s no need for messy gel.


With Three Treatment Modes

In Glide Mode, just hold down the activation button and continuously glide along your skin between each flash – perfect to quickly treat large areas, such as the legs. Stamp Mode is recommended for smaller delicate areas, such as the bikini line – simply place the device on your skin each time you flash for maximum precision.

SmoothSkin Muse also features Gentle mode – handy for first-time users or sensitive spots.

Continuously beautiful hair free skin

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