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Precision head attachment

Treat full-body in 10 minutes

Visible results in 4 weeks

Continuously adapts to your skin tone

Why choose SmoothSkin Pure Fit?

Using the very latest in IPL technology, SmoothSkin Pure Fit delivers a smart, fast and powerful treatment designed to stop hair growth and reveal beautiful skin, free from dark shadows and stubble!

  • Developed based on your feedback, comes with precision head for those smaller, trickier areas
  • Unlimited flashes so you never have to worry about running out
  • Clinically proven to give visible hair reduction from just 4 weeks
  • Maintain your treatments every 4-8 weeks after initial 12 week treatment plan
  • Suitable for the body and face


Precision Head Attachment

Perfect for smaller areas, such as bikini line, upper lip and toes.

Most powerful device on the market

The perfect balance of speed and power means you'll get results, and keep them for longer.

Choose from 3 operating modes

Personalise your treatment, whether you want something a bit more gentle, fast or powerful.


A full body treatment takes as little as 10 minutes in Speed Mode.


Intelligent Smart Skin Sensor (with UV Protection) continuously reads your unique skin-tone to personalise your treatment with every flash.

Clinically proven

94% of users experienced visible, permanent hair reduction after 12 treatments

How to use SmoothSkin Pure Fit


We recommend that you only buy SmoothSkin products from approved stockists.

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