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Safest IPL for body and face

Over 4 million devices sold worldwide

No.1 leading IPL hair removal technology

Why choose SmoothSkin Pure Mini?

New for 2022, SmoothSkin Pure Mini combines the best of our technology in our most compact device yet!

  • Up to 97% hair reduction after 12 weeks
  • Intelligent, personalised and easy to use
  • Top-up every 2-4 weeks as needed to maintain results


Clinically proven results in as little as 4 weeks

So you can finally enjoy smooth, hair-free skin without the hassle of daily shaving or expensive waxing.

Personalized and painless

Patented skin-adapting technology delivers personalised treatments automatically adapted to your skin tone at the touch of a button.

Suitable for body and face

All SmoothSkin devices have built-in UV protection, are FDA cleared and meet international medical, ethical and safety standards.

Patented Precision Adaptor

For a targeted treatment on smaller areas, such as upper lip, jaw line and toes.

Safest IPL Technology

Our unique skin contact sensors only activate the device when in full contact with your skin, eliminating the need for protective glasses.

Twice as fast and 2 times more powerful than our competitors

SmoothSkin Pure Mini combines speed and power for fast and effective at-home treatments.

So, how does IPL work?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light-based permanent hair removal method, which targets the melanin in the hair to interrupt the hair growth cycle.
The powerful, yet safe and painless light energy is transferred into the hair shaft to prevent hair regrowth, without damaging the skin.
Treated hairs naturally fall out over a few days. Repeat once a week for 12 weeks and top up every few weeks to keep results.

Why choose SmoothSkin Pure Mini?

Permanent hair reduction
Permanent hair reduction
Stay hair-free for months. 92% of women preferred SmoothSkin Pure Mini to their current hair removal method.
Beautifully smooth, hair-free skin
Beautifully smooth, hair-free skin
Constant shaving can irritate the skin, causing sensitivity and ingrown hairs. After 12 weeks, 96% of users said their skin looked and felt healthier.
Hair removal on your terms
Hair removal on your terms
Achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your home. No awkward appointments or expensive upkeep.

Is IPL suitable for me?

IPL technology is based on the relation between melanin in the skin and hair, which means it can be ineffective for light-haired users and unsafe for deep-skinned users. Please check our skin and hair chart to check your suitability.
I have pretty thick hair because I am Italian, but seeing the results and seeing it actually working has been just great.
Candy|New Jersey, United States
As a mum of three I’m super busy but this has totally fit into my lifestyle so that is really good for me. I’ve noticed the areas where I do my skin feels a lot smoother and even feels a lot healthier. I love how quick it is, I love that it doesn’t hurt at all.
Shauna|Oregon, United States
It’s consistently getting better and better and I’m consistently seeing less hair growth so that’s a huge plus. My skin looks better, it feels smoother, and everything looks great.
Tiara|Oregon, United States


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