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100% of women would recommend SmoothSkin to someone with PCOS

Struggling to tackle your PCOS-related hair growth? You’re not alone. Women tell us that facial hair growth caused by Hirsutism impacts them the most. Many opt for daily shaving due to pain and expense of other methods. The downsides?

  • Ingrown hairs
  • Razor burn from continuous shaving
  • Dark shadows underneath the skin

Introducing SmoothSkin Pure Fit, our most powerful IPL device to help tackle stubborn hair growth.


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The most sophisticated IPL technology to tackle unwanted facial hair

Precision head adaptor
Precision head adaptor
Patented removable adaptor allows you to target the trickier areas around your upper lip, neck and jawline with ease.
Three comfort modes
Three comfort modes
Opt for power mode for a fully-targeted treatment, recommended for PCOS. Switch to gentle mode at the touch of a button for more sensitive areas.
Safest IPL for body & face
Safest IPL for body & face
Multi-point skin contact sensors to avoid accidental flashes. Built-in UV filter eliminates the need for safety glasses.
How IPL works

How IPL can help tackle PCOS-related hair growth

Tackles hair at the root
IPL works by using a powerful, but painless pulse of light to target hair beneath the skin to disable the hair follicle, preventing re-growth.
Powerful IPL technology
In a recent study, 86% of users with PCOS saw visible hair reduction after 4 treatments.
Permanent Solution
With Pure Fit, users top-up every 4-8 weeks to remain hair-free. Unlike daily shaving which causes irritation, or painful waxes where hair has to grow before treatment.
I had to shave my neck every day. By the end of the day, I had 5 o'clock shadow and the next morning, I'd have a full on beard - it was awful, and I have tried everything. With this, in the first 4 weeks I saw a massive reduction. Within the first 3 weeks, I'd say most of the hair had stopped growing. I am over the moon with the results I've had.
Claire|"I've tried everything"
It’s definitely changed a lot of aspects of my life, everything from how much money, how much time but my confidence because I know I can put make up, or I don’t even need to put make up on and I don’t have to worry about people noticing that I have facial hair.
Miriah|"I've spent hundreds if not thousands on bleaches, waxing and threading"
Absolutely loving this machine. It’s changed my life, really changed my life for the better completely. I don’t have to panic in the mornings.
Rachel|"I don't have to panic in the mornings now"
I just can't believe how much this little machine has changed my life. Not just for the lack of hair but the extra confidence I've had as well. On holiday I get self-conscious of my facial hair, now, my skin is actually a lot smoother now as well it feels like I've had a really good facial.
Jodanna|"I want to help other women like me"

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